Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birell! Brings out the man in you!

Italian Team Training for World Cup 2010

Australian football teams secret training camp exposed!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marwan's 2010 Mini World Cup Prediction Competition

This competition is based on the xls sheet.

Here are the rules:

1 - The competition is limited to the first 19 people that apply. On a first come basis.
2 - All you have to do is fill out the third sheet and email it back to me.
3 - If everything is O.K. with your sheet, I will email you back a confirmation of your entry
4 - The deadline for the competition is the kickoff time of the first match in world cup 2010.

To download the sheet from here:

The view and fill in the xls sheet you need MS Excel 2007 and above!

The first two sheets are to be filled when the world cup actually starts!

The third sheet is the most important sheet in the file,it contains the prediction game. The file contains 20 users, all what you should do … enter points system to calculate points for each match and there’re four options which is listed below:

a) Prediction of the exact result of the match
b) Prediction of the case of the match as win or draw
c) Prediction of the exact difference in the result, but the match case should be achieved
d) Prediction of the right score for any team

And the last three options is together equal the first option, in case of not using any option, just put the score as zero value.

Name of each player is written under the player no. and each one put his prediction in his column, and once you enter the results in the first sheet, score of each player will be calculated automatically and the arrangement of the players will be consisted in the ranking table.

Good luck :)

Email your filled out xls sheet to:


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